Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just some comments


Is it my turn yet???????????

I want to go somewhere!!!!!!!!

Boy this guy is weird looking!

Some Flowers

Yucca flower (aka Candleflower)

Type of Phlox

Water Hyacinth


Monday, July 7, 2008

Supporting Our Soldiers

Hey everyone who happens by my blog I just came across a web site that makes it easy to show our troops that we are behind their efforts.
It is called Soldiers' Angels, On this site they have an Angel Store where you can order/buy different items or packages and they will send it to any Hero or a soldier of your choice. You can also donate to their efforts or adopt a hero to cheer on and let them know they are loved for their sacrifices for our freedom. I know our guys appreciate this, my son has decided that I am AWESOME because I am always sending him something.

So for any of you who want to but don't know how or what visit this site and show your support.

May God bless your efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!