Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Here I am doing a blog post. What can I say?

I am in the 14th year of my third marriage and the poor man still cares for me. Not that he has any reason not to, but I am truly an odd duck. He is very good to me and I take care of him.

I have two children from my 2nd marriage, a girl 28 and a boy 23. He has two from his first marriage, a boy 33 and a girl 28. Between us we have 5 grandchildren and one on the way.

We raise Bichon Frise dogs as a hobbie. These are beautiful dogs and a truly loving dog.

I love Stephen King's Dark Tower series but have reached a stalmate (again) trying to get thru Wizards and Glass. But I will get thru it since I am not working and am bore out of my gourd.

This is all for my first post hope some one is listening?


Tathiana Sobroza said...

Welcome to blogger's world!
It reminded me of my first post, wrote a few weeks ago. :)
It's nice having a blog.
Hope you enjoy too!

masgblog said...

I am catching up on some of your old posts.

I like the Bichon pics.