Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Okay. What to do. I need to get moving. Exercise. Clean. Cook. That will take about 2 hours.
Now for the rest of the day. Job search not going well. I want to go back to work but I don't want to go back.
Have you ever wanted to do something new but are sure once you start reality will raise its head again. I don't mean any world shaking change, just sign up for day exercise classes and then get that new day job? So I sit here delaying the sign-up so that I am ready for the new job but really not signing up so the new job does not appear. Does anyone understand? Maybe I am giving myself too much credit for any mystical abilities my mind set may have.
Let me elaborate. Now I know this is silly but anytime something good, great or wonderful for someone I care for has been about to happen and I have spoken about it before it became a reality, that good, great or wonderful thing/event failed to materialize. Another example, every animal I have personally named has died prematurely. So now I don't tell of possible good fortune or personally name pets. Boy have I got power! Ha! Ha!

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