Saturday, November 21, 2015

I am back

Did not realize it had been so long since I posted here.  A lot has happened.  My daughter got married 4 years ago in April.  They are having trouble now.  My grandson is 16 now.  And it has been a year and a half since my husband died.

I guess I am doing okay. I have had a lot of support but still have done a lot on my own.  I am capable that is not the issue.  I miss my companion.  I have started over before, after two divorces, but this is different.

I decided to try, boy that takes a lot of courage.  It really makes you do some soul searching.  I plan on cancelling my subscription, I don't need the desperation.

I know no one reads this blog, but that is okay.

I am okay.


Ernie Boxall said...

Hi Coyote Dreamer from England. Would it be OK just to connect with you through our mutual 'name.'
In 2004 I was reconnected with my pen friend from 1968 and through the course of our messages she informed me of special powers she has.We arranged to have a joint meditation and through that meditation she gave me the name 'Coyote.'
It was she reminded me the Native American 'dreamer.' Also it was a survivor, a loner but a connector as well and often a pest. She said it reminder her of me.
I have a dream of settling in the USA, a dream which will take all my skills and more. Skills which you seem to have in abundance from your profile.
My best wishes

Ernie Boxall said...

p.s. If you feel you would like to connect a better e mail address is

Michaela said...

I just read your blog. Good that you are doing ok. Best wishes from Sweden!

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-Alan D Hopewell said...

I read this, and the One Who made everything loves you, and died for you, for all of us. Receive Him as Lord and Savior.